Emerson Burkhart - 'Big Darby Creek'

Circa, early 1960's, 16 x 30, oil on canvas, Signed ll, 'E Burkhart', painted "Election Day, Nov. 7th", verso.


Burkhart was famous for capturing on his canvases the scenery around Central Ohio. This colorful example was painted along the western border of Franklin County on a late autumn day. The painting captures elements of detail most often found in his works from the mid-1950's but also includes many of the brighter colors he incorporated in the later years of his life. This is a great example of his early '60's landscape style and a would enhance any Burkhart collection.
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Burkhart Gallery Nine

Emerson Burkhart – 'Columbus Street Scene'

11 x 14, oil on board, Signed lr, 'E Burkhart Apr. 54' Excellent condition. 


Burkhart’s urban street scenes are among the most desirable and most collected of his works. They wonderfully captured the essence of life in Columbus during the 1940’s, ‘50’s and ‘60’s. This smaller gem was painted in the early morning hours in the first weeks of spring and clearly depicts the grass and other landscape straining to come to full color which contrasts with the dingy brick, and other rundown homes in the area. This was the reality of many neighborhoods within a short drive of Burkhart’s home on Woodland Avenue.

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Clyde Singer – 'Young Couple at McSorley's' 1974
9 x 12, acrylic on board, signed and dated lower left. Excellent condition

Emerson Burkhart - 'Becky Lintner and Jimmy Lee Barnes' 

1958, 36 x 40, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 'E Burkhart 58' 

Offered here is a large and delightful painting that captures the essence of teenage relationships in the 1950's. In one of Columbus' many alleys sits a vintage Model T pick-up, the prized possession of Jimmy. His gal, Becky Lintner, is approaching him from the background. Burkhart leaves it up to us to decide what will happen next. This is a unique painting with a special narrative that dials in directly to the mood of the times.