Emerson Burkhart –'Portrait of a Man – Bangkok’

Oil on canvas, 20 x 18 inches, signed lower left, 'Bangkok - E Burkhart 59'.  Excellent condition.  $2,950  

In 1959, Burkhart took the first of many round the world trips as the Artist-in-Residence of Karl Jaeger’s International School of America. Many of his best works created while on these trips were those he painted during the inaugural school year of 1959.  This important painting of a solemn ruddy-faced Thai national was included in the definitive biography, “Emerson Burkhart – An Ohio Painter’s Song of Himself,” by Michael Hall, and is depicted on page 139.   Additionally, it was exhibited in the Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition at the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts (Now Columbus Museum of Art) in 1970 –’71 and catalogued as #108. This is a companion painting to ‘Mother and Child, Bangkok,’ painted at the same time and also included in the 1970 Burkhart Retrospective Exhibition.  This is an excellent example of the artist’s skill at portraiture and would be a great addition to collections featuring works by Burkhart.

Emerson Burkhart – 'Paris in Spring'

17 1/2 x 24, oil on canvas, signed lower left, "E.B. Paris '60. $2,995

Burkhart painted in many great cities around the world, including Paris. During his ISA trip to France in 1960, he captured the essence of the city, its hustle and bustle along with the distinctive architecture that is so unique to the French capital.  The work is well balanced and expressive with his bold treatment of the trees and confident handling of the palette knife used to create this wonderful painting.  We have not seen many works produced in France by Burkhart.  Please consider this great painting for your collection. Excellent condition.
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Emerson Burkhart - 'Winter Landscape', 1944

23 x 34, oil on canvas, signed lower right 'E. Burkhart 44'. 


Burkhart did not invest much time painting during the winter months. He typically spent time reading and 'recharging' his mind so that he could jump fully into his painting once the weather improved. We have only seen four works he painted during the winter and this is by far, the largest and best executed of those we've seen. 

Emerson Burkhart - 'Dirt Road at Hoover Dam' 1968

18 x 24, oil on board, signed lower left, E Burkhart and verso, E. Burkhart 13 Oct. 68. Excellent condition $2,950

Burkhart loved painting in Delaware County, and especially at Hoover Reservoir. He could be frequently found painting colorful autumn landscapes, as this painting depicts. We have handled several of Burkhart's autumn motif paintings. This is one of the most colorful examples we have seen in recent years and it comes in one of his signature homemade frames. 

Emerson Burkhart - 'East Main at Champion​

24 x 30, oil on canvas, Signed lr, 'E Burkhart 69'
Excellent Condition $6,950

Here is one of Burkhart's last larger street scenes painted just months prior to his death in 1969. This was one of his favorite areas of town in which to paint. Foot traffic and commerce are depicted here with the pizza restaurant, Oakley Cleaners, and many pedestrians who are going about their business. This outstanding example of his work is painted in a bright palette and would be an excellent addition to any Burkhart collection.

Emerson Burkhart – 'Portrait of a Brunette with Long Hair'

oil on canvas, 24 x 14 inches.  Estate stamped, verso. Very good condition.  


Burkhart’s portraits spanned the gamut from highly detailed and personal depictions of his subjects such as his iconic painting of Roman Johnson in, 'Man is Man – The Confused Process of Becoming’, to loosely worked self-portraits and quick studies of a variety of people.  Although he was not fond of commission portraits, he did find interest in capturing the personalities of everyday people in his neighborhood and later on, of students and subjects he encountered during his travels abroad with the International School of America.  The painting offered here is a sensitive treatment of a young woman who is clearly struggling with issues unknown to us and perhaps the artist as well.  It is one of the more evocative portraits we have had the opportunity to offer.  It is undated but likely painted in the early 1960’s.  

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Emerson Burkhart –'Landscape – Manzanillo, Mexico’

Oil on canvas, 20 x 40 inches, Signed lower left, 'E Burkhart 65'.  Very good condition.  


Emerson Burkhart made several trips to Mexico, and enjoyed painting the landscape and seascape in and around Manzanillo.  We have handled several works painted in this locale and have found them to be especially colorful and well done in capturing the arid landscape and mountains.  This fine work would be a good addition to many collections.  It is competitively priced and worthy of your consideration.

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