After World War II, Burkhart began to reflect on the changes to society taking place throughout the world. 


Burkhart created paintings depicting his disdain for wretched excess and our evolution to a disposable society.​

A Complex Person

As you learn more about Emerson...
You will find that he was a complex person, with strong Midwest roots. From his earliest days in Kalida, Ohio, it was clear he was destined to become an artist. As a youngster, he was given his first art lessons by a local minister who gave him pointers on drawing. Burkhart's teachers and classmates were also aware of his talent and often recruited him to produce playbills, posters and other artistic announcements for school activities. 

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New Paintings From an Important Collection
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Emerson Burkhart - American Scene Artist 1905 - 1969


He was concerned with the human condition.